Welcome to Wireless Construction, Inc.

Wireless Construction Inc. (WCI) formed in September 2005. Our primary focus is general construction and turn-key projects within the cellular/PCS Industry, 2 way Companies as well as various Public Utility Companies. We perform point to point microwave system installations and all required path alignment and testing services.



towerEach project that WCI works on is unique and our in-house steel fabrication facility, as well as our certified welders, allows us to provide the highest level of quality and satisfaction for our customers.


Our ability to adapt to any situation is a strength that our customers, engineers, and landlords at the location of the project, always thank us for. When we are working on high-rise hotels or hospitals, we know what it takes to get the job done.


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Each project is unique and WCI prides itself on the ability to adapt to each customer's need and provide the highest quality service.

With over 123 years of cumulative construction experience, our team has more than just our name to stand on.

Whatever the project requires, you can rest assured that WCI will deliver on its promise.